Disclaimer of responsibility

This disclaimer of responsibility is necessary for your participation in the Lausitzring event.

Please print and fax to: +49 – 228 – 38 67 525 or send an e-mail to: maseratimm@aol.com

PDF Disclaimer of responsibility

NAME (Driver): ________________________________________

NAME (Co-driver): ______________________________________

The International Maserati Rally 2018 will be organized in accordance with the provisions of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). Participants acknowledge the applicable provisions with their signature and undertake to comply fully with them.

The participating vehicles must comply with the regulations of the StVO. The instructions of the line personnel must be followed. In case of non-observance or dangerous behavior an immediate and absolute ban on the route takes place by the organizer, the German Maserati Club (DMC).

The DMC reserves the right to terminate all events due to force majeure or for security reasons, the event, or the area of ​​the racetrack- and / or the banking section, if this is due to extraordinary circumstances, without assuming any liability for damages.

The participants (driver, co-driver, vehicle owner and vehicle owner) take part in the event at their own risk. You are solely responsible under civil and criminal law for any damage caused by you or the vehicle you use on the circuit, on public roads and places. There is a helmet requirement for drivers and co-drivers on all track areas!

The participants (driver, passenger and vehicle owner) waive their signatures for all accidents suffered in connection with the event or damage to any right of action or recourse against the organizer, the DMC, its agents, helpers, the landowner of the race track (DEKRA) and any other persons associated with the organization of the event, unless the accident or damage on Intent or gross negligence.

This agreement becomes valid with submission of the entry (registration) to the organizer and against all participants.


I agree with the above terms and conditions and hereby expressly waive the right to any damages to my vehicle arising in connection with the event, to any right of action or recourse against all institutions and persons associated with the event. For the vehicle there is a vehicle liability insurance in the prescribed amount.

Signature: ________________________________________

(Driver or owner)

License plate: ________________________________________

Chassis number: ___________________________________

PDF Disclaimer of responsibility